Laparoscopic gastric banding

Under general anesthesia the band is introduced laparoscopically (without incision) into the abdomen and is placed and locked around the stomach. This method is reducing the amount of food that a person can consume and is producing weight loss. The great advantage of this method is that is completely reversible since there is no cutting or suturing of the stomach. Another advantage is that using a small port placed simultaneously in the anterior wall of the abdomen the diameter of the band can be adjusted.

This operation usually lasts within 60 min and is permanent method for weight loss. After the band placement care has to be taken not to consume sweets, ice creams and other rich in calories food which may pass easily through the band and cause unsatisfactory weigh loss. All other kind of food may be consumed without the need for vitamins or other supplementations. Digestion and the passage of food through the stomach-duodenum and the rest of the bowel are normal.
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