Weight loss benefits

Reduction in body weight has many beneficial effects in both mental and somatic health. Obese persons have a lot to gain from the loss of excess weight not only for cosmetic reasons but mainly for a longer life with better quality. Surgical interventions for obesity has been proved that reduces the risk for development of serious obesity co-morbidities with simultaneous improvement in existing health problems such as hypertension, diabetes, mellitus, lower back pain, anxiety, menstrual problems e.t.c.

It is possible, following successful weight reduction, a hypertensive person to stop using medications for this problem or to reduce the necessary dosage to control his blood pressure.

A diabetic person may stop using insulin or other medications.

Sleep apnoea syndrome and other respiratory problems usually disappear and there is no need to use mechanical ventilatory aids (c-PAP) after weight loss.

Women with infertility related to obesity may have normal period and they continue and deliver a normal and health body.

Weight loss also has beneficial effects in social and sexual life and the ability to work and to enjoy life.

There are also scientific evidence that weight loss is associated with longer life expectancy and less risk for development of cancer of the breast cervix, large bowel and prostate.
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